Art by Kara Duffus

Art by Kara Duffus

Welcome to our “co-op for historians”, a digital archive allowing members to share archival treasures and publish essays and articles, with a special emphasis on family and institutional history.

This website is a project sponsored by the Community History Exchange, based in Asheville, NC.  To contact us, send an email to , or participate in our blog (see submittal guidelines).

Why create another digital archive? We hope it will become a valuable resource for history buffs, classroom teachers, and researchers who are looking for in-depth information, an introduction to the best of scholarly writing, and an overview of American social history.

How does this History Exchange work? For family historians who have compiled narratives about their family tree, this is a good place to publish their findings. Other writers, including independent historians, former history majors, undergraduate and graduate students and history buffs…may be seeking a convenient way to publish articles and essays; and instead of submitting to a traditional print journal, they are invited to publish here.

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